Graco Milestone All-in-One Car Seat

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If you’re reading this review, you’re probably shopping for a car seat. But what you may not realise is that, once you’ve found the perfect one, you might only have a few years, or even a few months, until you have to do it all again.

This is because, generally speaking, your child should be in a rear-facing car seat until they are 12-15 months old. At some point beyond that you’ll have to start thinking about changing to a front-facing seat for the next few years. And then a few years later, when your child is old enough (usually somewhere between 6-12 years) you’ll need to shop around for a booster seat.

Potentially this could mean having to purchase three different car seats. But fear not – help is at hand in the form of the Milestone from Graco, a Group 0+/1/2/3 adjustable chair that can be rear-facing, front-facing or a booster seat with a few easy changes. Put simply, it should be the only seat your child will ever need.

But is it actually any good?

Our first impressions were that the Graco Milestone is a solid, robust seat. Yes, it is slightly heavier than some of its competitors, but that isn’t unexpected due to the extra mechanisms needed to support rear and front facing travel. One of the downsides is that it doesn’t use IsoFix (presumably because the different positioning options don’t allow it), but installing it with a seat belt was straightforward, with easy to follow instructions. It is, however, worth mentioning that the Milestone is a fairly large seat – it fitted comfortably in a VW Golf, and a Vauxhall Corsa, but if you have a considerably smaller car then space could potentially be an issue, especially if you need room for more than one seat.

Once installed, the seat moves very little and feels reassuringly secure, and we moved on to explore another of the Graco Milestone’s features – the four different recline positions. Each one offers a different position to support a sleeping baby, providing your child with a comfortable journey whilst minimising the risk of uneccessary pressure on the neck and throat. However, as a downside we did find that, in some recline positions, getting the child into the seat could be awkward as the seat belt fastening the Milestone would get in the way.

With the seat forward facing, it was remarkably simple to modify for older and younger passengers – a harness system allows you to adjust the headrest and harness with a simple movement – making it invaluable if you’re looking for a flexible seat that you can use with older and younger siblings.

As mentioned earlier, is it a fairly large seat – having two of these seats in the back of the car would leave little room to sit in between. However, a larger seat gives the child a little more width than usual, and our little testers all commented positively on the comfort of both the seat itself and the headrest. It is also a higher seat than usual, meaning that smaller children are able to see out of the window without straining.

So, to summarise – would we recommend it?

The answer to that would be a resounding yes – this is a strong, stylish, multi-purpose car seat, and its adaptability and durability should ensure that you will comfortably get more than your money’s worth.

Where can I get it?

The best price we’ve found for the Graco Milestone is £149.99 (with free delivery) on Amazon – click here to get the best deal.

We have also found it available at Tesco Express for £149.99 (plus delivery charge) and at Mothercare for £220.00 (with free delivery).

Graco Milestone All-in-One Car Seat

Graco Milestone All-in-One Car Seat

How easy is it to install?


    How comfortable is it?


      How long will it last?


        Value for money



          • Suitable for all ages, from baby upwards
          • Four-position recline to ensure comfort
          • Easy to install
          • Cupholder included
          • Combined harness and headrest adjustment


          • Not Isofix compatible
          • May not be suitable for some small cars
          • Can be awkward getting child in and out in rear facing mode