Bebe Style Convertiblle Combination Car and Booster Seat

It isn’t unusual to see adaptable car seats which cover Groups 1/2/3 on sale for upwards of £150. Priced at less than £40 the Bebe Style Convertiblle looks like a bargain – but is it?

A Group 1/2/3 car seat could potentially be the only chair your child needs between 9 months to 12 years old. Starting as a 5-point harness seat for the younger child, it can be modified to a high-backed booster seat as they get older, and finally to a standard backless booster seat. So can you get a chair that does all that safely and comfortably for less than £40? The guys behind the Bebe Style Convertiblle would certainly say so.

But is it actually any good?

Our first impressions were that the Bebe Style Convertiblle does not look like a budget car seat. The materials are of good quality, the frame is rigid and the construction robust. Whilst the seat is not unduly heavy, there is a reassuring weight to it – this is not a cheap polystyrene seat.

In terms of safety, the Bebe Style Convertiblle is not compatible with IsoFix, so is held in place with a standard 3-point seat belt installation, which keeps the seat tightly in place, with very little movement. The installation process itself was straightforward, as was moving the seat to another car. Both the side wings and headrest are heavily padded, and reinforced with EPP energy absorbing foam, minimising the effect of any side impact collision.

Our little testers tried the seat in both harness and booster modes – the chest pads on the straps offer enough additional padding to allow the straps to be sufficiently tightened without any discomfort. The booster modes were described as comfortable as well, although we did feel that even at its maximum height the back rest was still a little on the short site, meaning that children may end up making the move to a backless booster sooner than they would have done with another model. Unfortunately the Bebe Style Convertiblle does not offer a recline setting – for older children this is not a problem, but as the seat is designed for children from 9 months and upwards, we feel that being able to recline the chair would offer additional comfort and safety in terms of the support for weaker neck muscles, especially on long journeys.

So to summarise – would we recommend it?

For less than £40, this chair is quite simply a bargain. We did get the impression that, over a longer period of time the Bebe Style Convertiblle would start to show signs of wear and tear sooner than some of its competitors, but as an ‘occasional use’ car seat, for a second car or for grandparents for instance, then this may be just what you’re looking for.

Where can I get it?

The best price we’ve found for the Bebe Style Convertiblle is £39.99(with free delivery) on Amazon – click here to get the best deal.


Bebe Style Convertiblle

Bebe Style Convertiblle

How easy is it to install?


    How comfortable is it?


      How long will it last?


        Value for money



          • Great value for money
          • Easy to install
          • Available in a range of colours


          • Not IsoFix compatible
          • No recline options
          • No cupholder
          • Backrest is a little shorter than other models